Take a long piece of wire, a decades-old experience base, state-of-the-art techniques and add a dash of service culture: This is the recipe for quality innersprings made by A&S.

Innersprings are one of the leading systems for mattress manufacturing, combining perfect climate regulating characteristics, optimum body support and long-term elasticity with high durability and recyclability. These factors make innersprings both a proven and future-proofed product.

A&S Innersprings USA offers you a comprehensive portfolio of Bonnell and pocket innersprings.

NEW: 100% Circular


A&S Innersprings USA followed the pioneering approach of AGRO Germany and changed his compete product portfolio to fully circular – what does this mean?

AGRO Germany has been the world’s first innerspring manufacturer to offer a broad range of glued pocket innersprings, whose components – wire, fabric and adhesive – could completely be returned into the production cycle. Now the US location of the AGRO Group, A&S Innersprings USA, has followed AGRO ́s footsteps!

What is new?

The products of A&S Innersprings are perfectly prepared for the recycling process.
No more EVA glue will contaminate the recycled PP. All the pocket innersprings produced in the US are now produced out of PP and wire. AGRO Germany has already won several awards with this pioneering approach, which is now available in the US as well.

What does this mean for the customers?

You get the product you are familiar with – at even improved quality. And by using A&S’s circular innersprings, you are optimally prepared for the circular economy to come, including corresponding legislative demands. This step is the greatest opportunity for all parties involved – including the environment.

Let´s work together to make the sleep sector sustainable!

Pocket innersprings

Pocket innersprings

Pocket innersprings are the first choice for meeting the highest demands in sleeping comfort. By placing each spring into an individual pocket of fabric, a highly flexible system is created, with each single spring reacting individually to pressure load. The so-called point elasticity ensures optimum ergonomic adaptation to body weight. When accompagnied by A&S quality and  service this represents a perfect offer for your premium products!

  • Available in both lengthglued and widthglued version as well as Punktoflaex gluing or scrimmed
  • Further specification options such as nested and partly nested models, zoned models or models equipped with frames are possible as well
  • In addition, we offer perimeter reinforced models such as DualGauge and solutions from our RelaxGuard line with pencil coil edge and our nested edge design (patent pending)
Bonnell innersprings

Bonnell innersprings

Bonnell innersprings are a classic system. Their outstanding strengths are extreme stability and durability, an optimum level of air permeability as well as a wide range of applications. Whether you need a solution for your mattress, upholstery or a base unit for boxspring beds, Bonnell innersprings made by A&S will deliver quality and reliability.

  • Available in both Foam Encased (FE) and Full Perimeter (PE) version
  • PE version is provided with frames as standard
  • Any other models can be equipped with frames on request

Special solutions

You would like to work with A&S, but Pocket and Bonnell are not enough to meet your needs? Then you could benefit from opportunities provided by the enormous range of our sister companies – best quality innersprings and pioneering solutions for your premium products.

  • Specialist and innovative pocket solutions such as DualActive, Interactive and Squareflaex as well as models with very high coil count
  • LFK units to a variety of specifications
  • Pioneering circular pocket innersprings from AGRO’s A.NEXT line
This product line has a wide range of potential specification options.
We look forward to discussing and agreeing with you the best specification to meet your particular needs.